WeRCrossFit WODs

Workout with the WeRCrossFit team. Our workouts of the day (WODs) are free daily workouts.

Plans are curated by the WeRCrossFit staff so you can reach your fitness goals without overthinking.

Complete these workouts with peace of mind, knowing our CrossFit L1 trainers have written them to fit the CrossFit methodology.

This idea is based on moving heavy loads over large distances, quickly. For best results,  you need to work three days and take a rest day.

You can also follow the CrossFit main site’s workouts.

Workout - What is Your Power?
Deficit kettlebell Romanian deadlifts.


Quick guide to workouts:

  • Each workout gives you a lift or skill to focus on, followed by a MetCon (metabolic conditioning)
  • Take your time and don’t push your body beyond what it’s ready for.
  • Never hesitate to scale your workouts. Scaling is the art of modifying workouts and movements to what you’re capable of.

Scaling can include changing weight, movement, reps, and how much time you spend doing each movement.


Good luck, and have fun!

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