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WODDITY Podcast: Is Katrin Dating? Independent Online Qualifier, Ben Smith Seminar, and More


  • Good morning and welcome to the WODDITY podcast for news about CrossFit. This podcast is sponsored by WODDITY’s state of the affiliate survey, sharing best practices between affiliates, totally free of charge. If you own an affiliate or know an affiliate owner, ask them to participate today at
  • My name is Ben Garves and today is Wednesday, the 14th of August, 2019.
  • The International Online Qualifier has released their first workout of their three-week event, and it’s a fun one:
    • In nine minutes, with as many rounds and reps as possible and 75 pounds on the bar for men and 55 pounds on the bar for women, complete:
      • Hang Power Snatch
      • Overhead Squat 
      • 30 Double Unders
      • Each round of the Hang Power Snatch and Overhead squats will increase by three reps, starting at three. For example, round one is three hang power snatch and three overhead squat with 30 double unders. Round two is six hang power snatch and six overhead squat, followed by 30 double unders. Round three  is 9 reps of each, thirty double unders, and onward for nine minutes.
    • The qualifier will be used by four Sanctionals: WODAPALOOZA, Atlas Games, Filthy 150 and SouthFit Challenge. WODAPALOOZA was one of the largest CrossFit Sanctionals of the 2019 CrossFit Games season. It’s run by Loud and Live Sports and helmed by Matt O’Keefe. Loud and Live is now running four Sanctionals: WODAPALOOZA, the West Coast Classic, the Madrid CrossFit Championship, and the Mayan CrossFit Classic.
    • It remains to be released how athletes will qualify for the latter of the three Sanctionals.
  • 11-time CrossFit Games athlete and 2015 CrossFit Games Champion Ben Smith will be hosting a training camp at CrossFit Krypton sometime in the future. Stay tuned to his instagram for more details – @bsmit13.
  • WOD on the Waves presale started yesterday. The cruise is in its second year, and sets sail April 16th. Some are calling it the fittest boat on earth, it’s a family and single-friendly cruise filled with CrossFit celebrities like Rich Froning, Chyna Cho, Tasia Percevecz, Dre Strohm, Patrick Vellner, Margaux Alvarez, Dan Bailey, Jessica Griffith, Jennifer Smith, Paul Tremblay, Craig Kenney, James Hobart, Austin Maleolo, Dave Lipson, Chris Hinshaw, EC Syncowski, and more. Book your ticket at 
  • Registration is also up for the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run in September. This growing annual event helps fight addiction and teen suicide in Hawaii. Visit today’s podcast entry at for a link to register.
  • The Barbell Spin published an article stating Katrin Davidsdottir and Streat Hoerner are dating. This has not been independently verified, but what is known is that Davidsdottir published an Instagram post of the two together in Switzerland with the caption, “I don’t know about you, but I think he’s kinda cute.”
    • Davidsdottir has been adamant in the past about putting aside any romantic relationships while she focuses on competition. We prefer not to make any assumptions, but wanted to present you with what is known.
  • Today’s CrossFit Mainsite workout is some barbell shoulder action:
    • 5 sets of 1 rep shoulder press
    • 5 sets of 3 rep push press
    • 5 sets of 5 rep push jerk
    • Push yourself, but be sure to protect your shoulders with a good warm up and a safe weight.
  • And that’s it for news about CrossFit for Wednesday, August 14th.
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  • I’m Ben Garves – see you tomorrow.
Ben Garves
Founder and CEO of WODDITY. We build tools and resources for affiliates, athletes, and fans of CrossFit.

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