WeRFit Workout: Hangover

21, 15, 9 reps of: One-Arm Overhead Walking LungeTurkish GetupBox Jump We call this the hangover, because the Turkish Getups end up being harder than getting out of bed with your head hammering. Lock a 50-lb dumbbell out over your head and start into the lunges. At 21 (alternating arms as comfortable), keep your arm…… Continue reading WeRFit Workout: Hangover

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WeRFit Workout: CrossFit Girl ‘Kelly’

Five rounds for time: 400 meter run30 box jumps30 wall ball shots Kelly is one of our favorite CrossFit workouts of all time. It was first released on CrossFit.com in April of 2005 and features some of the most effective training movements in the sport: running, box jumps, and wall balls.

WeRFit Workout: Classic

21, 18, 15 reps of: Clean (95-lbs)Box JumpsWall Ball Shots Nothing special to see here. Just your average everyday burner. Everything should be so familiar, we’re going to call it the “Classic”.