WeRFit Workouts: CrossFit Girl “Barbara”

Barbara was one of the first ever benchmark workouts published by the CrossFit main site. It was written about in-depth in an article in 2003, along with the announcement of Angie, Elizabeth, Chelsea, Diane, and Fran. Workout 5 rounds for time of: 20 pull-ups30 push-ups40 sit-ups50 air squats3 minutes rest between rounds. Tips Think of…… Continue reading WeRFit Workouts: CrossFit Girl “Barbara”

WeRFit Workout: Speedy Bob

Three rounds for time of: 20 Burpee Over Bar40 Air squats You’re up…you’re down…you’re up…you’re bobbing. Focus on laying yourself out and picking yourself up as efficiently as possible. Burpees should be done with a flat back – if you find yourself arching or hollowing your back, slow down and focus on the correct form.