CrossFit CrossFit Open Sigmundsdottir and Fraser Win the 2019 CrossFit Open

Sigmundsdottir and Fraser Win the 2019 CrossFit Open


CrossFit is currently processing entries for the fifth workout of the CrossFit Open. While the leaderboards are settling, we can confirm the top male and female finishers:

Sara Sigmundsdottir has won her first world Open title.

Three-time Fittest Man on Earth Mat Fraser has won his fourth CrossFit Open.

Cash Prizes

Per CrossFit’s website, winners of each workout earn a US $2,019 cash prize.

New Open Rules

CrossFit announced in 2018 that they would change their qualification process. We see those effects in this year’s Open leaderboard.

National Champions

CrossFit is inviting CrossFit Open national champions to the CrossFit Games. Athletes must have citizenship to represent their chosen nation.

CrossFit includes nations if they have at least one CrossFit affiliate. National champion status overrides any other qualification method. This year, eight men and eleven women outside the top-20 have gained a CrossFit Games spot.

Those spots opened by athletes placing as national champions. For example, Tasia Percevecz placed 29th-overall and 13th in the United States.

She has qualified for the Games.

Side note: Percevecz is a team member of CrossFit Mayhem Freedom with Rich Froning. Chyna Cho may replace her on the team if Percevecz decides to compete as an individual.

Read our complete list of 2019 national champions.

CrossFit Open Top 20

The top-20 male and female athletes also earn spots to the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games. These spots override any athlete performances at the new sanctional events.

A sanctional is a sanctioned CrossFit Games qualifying event. They are the third way an athlete can qualify. The top male, top female, and top team from each sanctional will receive an invite.

Sanctional invites move to the next finisher if winners qualify through the Open.

Check out our CrossFit Open 2019 Leaderboard and Athlete Payouts article.

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