Athletes Jamie Greene: 2019 CrossFit Games Athlete

Jamie Greene: 2019 CrossFit Games Athlete


Jamie Greene is a three-time CrossFit Games athlete and the third-fitted woman on earth for 2019. Greene’s home gym is CrossFit Yas in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, but she competes under her New Zealand citizenship.

While her three consecutive CrossFit Games appearances is quite a performance, Jamie Greene also won the 2016 CrossFit Open.

CountryNew Zealand
GymCrossfit Yas
Height5′ 4″

2019 CrossFit Games Season

CrossFit Games Finish3rd
2019 CrossFit SanctionalsDubai CrossFit Championship – 2nd
CrossFit Strength in Depth – 2nd
Down Under CrossFit Championship – 2nd
2019 CrossFit Open Rank4th
2019 Qualification MethodNational Champion

2019 CrossFit Games Pictures

2018 CrossFit Games Season

2018 CrossFit Games Finish11th
2018 CrossFit Open Rank9th

2017 CrossFit Games Season

2017 CrossFit Games Finish8th
2017 CrossFit Open Rank4th

2016 CrossFit Games Season

2016 CrossFit Games Finish
2016 CrossFit Open Rank1st

2015 CrossFit Games Season

2015 CrossFit Games Finish
2015 CrossFit Open Rank102nd

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