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45 Fitness Gifts: Healthy Holiday Gift Guide


Fitness gifts are everywhere we look, but sometimes it’s still hard to find the perfect gifts for fitness lovers. We have your back with this fun, daily guide to the best workout gifts, gifts for personal trainers, and ideas to make this someone’s perfect CrossFit Christmas.

How This Works

Each day, starting today, WODDITY is updating this post with ideas for CrossFit gifts. Be sure to bookmark the page and check back each day, or follow our social media accounts for updates.

With every post, I’ll break down why I chose these gifts for gym lovers, whether you’re on the hunt for “fitness gifts for men” or the perfect “fitness gifts for her”.

This guide will make sure gifts vary by skill level, price, and size. If we get closer to Christmas Hanukah, or other holidays and you haven’t seen something the perfect gift for gymrats, reach out to us and let us know. We’ll make sure to get you some great advice and help you shop.

Fitness Gifts Day 5: MobiPoint® Massage Ball

You can call this a stocking stuffer or maybe just a cool accessory to round out your fitnessy giftery. If you haven’t experienced the joy of rolling out your palms (see also: your feet) using a massage ball, you haven’t lived your life to its fullest. I had no idea how tight and knotted my hands were until I started mashing on them with this thing. The dog has also discovered it as a chew toy he can’t demolish and he eventually gave up.

I bought the MobiPoint specifically because it’s small, cheap, and knobby. The little nubs of love really get in there and do some work. You can’t change an athlete or gym-goer’s life much more for eight dollars. Trigger Point is a great company, too. I have two of their foam rollers, in addition to my MobiPoint massage ball. Come to the dark side.

Shop Massage Balls at TriggerPoint.

The TriggerPoint MobiPoint® Massage Ball's raised tips release tightness in small areas like the hand and foot. 
This little guy is responsible for some amazing deep tissue work. It’s called the MobiPoint Massage Ball, by Trigger Point.

Fitness Gifts Day 4: High Sierra Jarvis Backpack

“Wait! A laptop bag? That’s not very fitnessy!”

Yes, a laptop bag. Why? Because we the fitness addicts aren’t defined by what we do at the gym. So take this one mild reprieve from the land of barbells and listen to my deeper reasoning:

We all put on a strong facade, but sometimes it’s HARD to be healthy. Going to the gym on a daily basis sometimes means you have to de-prioritize other important activities. Eating healthy sometimes means you need to plan ahead for each meal, every day.

What makes all of this easier? Organization. I have a High Sierra Jarvis backpack I use as an organizational tool to help me check all of my to-do list items each day. It’s true. Ben Garves has a Jarvis backpack. What are you? 12?

First, I think the whooly weave/slate gray color just looks cool. Second, I’m a sucker for pockets. It has a spot for nutrition bars, a pocket you can fit some Tupperware in, a slot for an ever-so-important water bottle, and of course, space for my notepad and laptop.

I can’t imagine your fitnessy friend who brought you all the way to this holiday gift guide for fitness doesn’t have some organization demands on them and a laptop bag that’s from 2003. Just a thought. Consider it a mild suggestion. Shop High Sierra.

I use a High Sierra Jarvis backpack as my daily go-to for lugging my stuff around. The organization system helps me pack healthy foods, work stuff, and a VERY big water bottle.

Fitness Gifts Day 3: The WHOOP Strap 3.0

It’s hard to follow the sport of fitness without being inundated by the global phenomenon that is WHOOP. The company has created a unique “always on” heart rate monitor with a groundbreaking corresponding phone app which doesn’t just look at how you’re working out, but how you’re recovering from your workouts. Why is recovery so important? Well, sleep quality, alcohol intake, rest days, and life stress can have a bigger impact on your sport performance than your actual workouts can. Yes. We said it.

The WHOOP Strap 3.0 works on a subscription basis. They send you the $500 strap for free with your subscription. It charges while you wear it using nifty charging pucks, and is completely waterproof for the swimmer in your life.

Once the strap shows up and your friend or family member starts wearing it, the device starts to learn more about them. After a few days, it tunes into important unique characteristics like sleep patterns, resting heart rate, heart rate variability, and more. It then begins to coach by offering tips and tricks to begin tweaking your lifestyle for better performance, better sleep, and an overall better life.

Use our link for a steep discount on your first month. Just like all of our recommendations on this fitness gift guide, we’re not sponsored by WHOOP. We were early adopters of their products and just believe in the work they do.

Fitness Gifts Day 2: Dottir by Katrin Davidsdottir

Generally, CrossFit athletes and coaches aren’t known for their writing skills. There are a few exceptions out there with amazing books, Katrin Davidsdottir being one of them. Katrin is a two-time CrossFit Games champion from Iceland and has become a legend in the sport. She partnered with media celebrity Rory McKernan to write this early life biography, sharing the secrets to having winning mindset, health and fitness hacks, and more.

If you really like the idea of some CrossFit books, you could also check out First by Rich Froning and Chasing Excellence by Ben Bergeron.

Fitness Gifts Day 1: The Reebok Nano 9

We’re kicking off our fitness gifts guide with a classic – the official shoe of CrossFit. The Reebok Nano 9 was released in 2019 and, through a number of important design updates, has quickly become what is considered the most comfortable shoe in the sport. It’s stable for lifting, flexible for running and jumping, and durable through all the tests you put it through.

Reebok is constantly updating the Nano 9 with cool and exciting colors, but sometimes you can’t go wrong with a simple black and white pair. They’re great for both men and women. To help you start your fitness gift shopping, here are a couple of deals and sales currently on Amazon:

Stay tuned! We’ll be back tomorrow with another great idea on gifts for CrossFitters.

Ben Garveshttps://woddity.com/
Founder and CEO of WODDITY. We build tools and resources for affiliates, athletes, and fans of CrossFit.


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