CrossFit CrossFit Open CrossFit Open Closure, Our Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness

CrossFit Open Closure, Our Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness


Well, short of a great story from Brian over at The Barbell Spin and CrossFit releasing some underwhelming penalties on 20.3 yesterday (links to those in my show notes at WODDITY), we are in a holding pattern while they finalize the CrossFit Open leaderboard.

So plug your years if you’re holiday-adverse because we’re going to talk about WODDITY’s 45 Days of FitsMas holiday gift guide for that fitchick or fitboi (B-O-I) in your life.

Gifts for Fit People

Each day I’m publishing one more cool gift idea that can help someone in your life make a healthier decision, learn something from the best in the sport, or live their best and most fitnessy lifestyle.

We’re on day four, which means we are slowly creeping up on 40 days until Christmas. Don’t stress just yet, but do start to worry a little bit. So far I’ve talked through my favorite shoe, the Reebok Nano 9, my favorite book of the year, Dottir by Katrin Davidsdottir and Rory McKernan, and yesterday I talked about how my WHOOP strap has changed my life.

Today, I’m striking a little closer to home with the laptop bag I use. It sounds odd for a fitness holiday gift idea, but I’ll read you what I wrote so you can get on the same page. It’s a super good gift idea.

“Wait! A laptop bag? That’s not very fitnessy!”

Yes, a laptop bag. Why? Because we the fitness addicts aren’t defined by what we do at the gym. So take this one mild reprieve from the land of barbells and listen to my deeper reasoning:

We all put on a strong facade, but sometimes it’s HARD to be healthy. Going to the gym on a daily basis sometimes means you have to de-prioritize other important activities. Eating healthy sometimes means you need to plan ahead for each meal, every day.

What makes all of this easier? Organization. I have a High Sierra Jarvis backpack I use as an organizational tool to help me check all of my to-do list items each day. It’s true. Ben Garves has a Jarvis backpack. What are you? 12?

First, I think the wooly weave/slate gray color just looks cool. Second, I’m a sucker for pockets. It has a spot for nutrition bars, a pocket you can fit some Tupperware in, a slot for an ever-so-important water bottle, and of course, space for my notepad and laptop. Those things make this podcast possible. This podcast is brought to you by…pockets.

I can’t imagine your fitnessy friend who brought you all the way to this holiday gift guide for fitness doesn’t have some organization demands on them and a laptop bag that’s from 2003. Just a thought. Consider it a mild suggestion. You can shop High Sierra’s website by using the link in my show notes for 20% off your first order.

Seriously, though. I think organizational tools are what most-enables me to live a fitter and healthier lifestyle. Head over to our holiday gift guide for health nuts and be sure to bookmark the page. That way you can check back each day and see what kind of mischief I’ve been cooking up.

And that’s it for news, if you want to call it news, about CrossFit on Wednesday, November 13th. 

Thanks again for being a loyal fan and listener.  If you’re a fan of the work we do and want to support it, you can become a Patreon member at You can also give us a five star rating, subscribe to the podcast, and share with your friends and family. Especially if they’re shopping for someone with the same addictions as you and me. For WODDITY, I’m Ben Garves. We will chat tomorrow.

Ben Garves
Founder and CEO of WODDITY. We build tools and resources for affiliates, athletes, and fans of CrossFit.

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