ADAPT: Inclusion, Hard Work, and Hope (2023 Documentary)

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Adapt: Inclusion, Hard Work, and Hope is finished and being worked through legal approvals and applications to film festivals. Keep an eye here or on my social media for details as we get closer to a formal release.

“We’re just ordinary people, doing extraordinary things.”

Follow the deeply-emotional journey of ten athletes with neuromuscular disorders and amputations competing at the CrossFit Games.

Through a global pandemic, indefinite closures, the fight for social justice, and changes of leadership, the CrossFit community was not exempt from a single challenge the world faced in 2020.

CrossFit, in both the sport and the fitness regimen, employing an estimated hundreds of thousands of coaches, athletes, entrepreneurs, and employees in associated businesses, and 15,000-plus gyms across the world, would be forever defined by the actions it took as it picked itself up, dusted itself off, and returned to the bar for another rep.

It was this very work ethic, as a philosophy, ingrained in the community from the early days of the brand, which would nurture something neglected, foster something beautiful, and change the public perception of what CrossFit is, who belongs within the doors of a gym, and what CrossFit means for the next generation.


Athletes include:

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