CrossFit CrossFit Open 23 Athletes Issued CrossFit Open Penalties

23 Athletes Issued CrossFit Open Penalties


Open 20.3 penalties for the top-40 athletes on the leaderboard were announced late-afternoon on Tuesday. No significant major penalties were assessed, though 25 total penalties were given to 23 athletes.

Here is a complete list, broken down by the infraction:

Bouncing Reps in the Deadlifts

Failure to Meet Range-of-Motion Standards in Handstand Push-Up

Hands Beginning Handstand Walks On/Over the Line

  • Marisa Flowers
  • Paige Henry

Lack of Extension in Deadlifts

False Start

  • Alexandre Caron
  • Camilla Salmonsson Hellman
  • Gabriela Caron
  • Paige Henry
  • Sabrina Caron
  • Samuel Cournoyer
  • Scott Tetlow
Ben Garves
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