Reviews Reebok Nano 10 Leaks

Reebok Nano 10 Leaks


Reebok Nano 10 images have come sooner than anyone expected. While this could be the Reebok Nano X or any other shoe variation, we’ll call it the Nano 10 as a working title.

Tal Short, the Senior Product Manager overseeing the Reebok Nano line posted a picture on his Instagram page of three masked pairs of Nano shoes.

Leaked Picture: Reebok Nano 10

The Reebok Nano 10 includes new riveted eyelets for laces. Image curtesy of @tal_short on Instagram.
The Reebok Nano 10 includes new riveted eyelets for laces. Image curtesy of @tal_short on Instagram.

The caption?

“First test of the Nano ____ . Big things are coming for the Nano franchise. We are not going anywhere. We changed the game once. We will do it again.”

Tal Short, Senior Product Manager of Reebok Footwear

While it doesn’t seem like much, there’s a lot we can unpack from this image. Here’s what you can tell from the picture of the Reebok Nano 10: 

Nano 10 Gets New Sole

First, the sole of the shoe looks to be doing away with a single-piece floor and is now two-tone with what appears to be different materials.

Image courtesy of @tal_short on Instagram

New Nano Possibly a Slip-On

Second, a finger loop has been added to the upper heel to aid in pulling the shoe on and off. This could indicate a pull-on version like Nike has done with their Flyknit technology. The heel of the Reebok Nano 10 also appears to be slightly taller than on the Nano 9.

Image courtesy of @tal_short on Instagram

Nano 10 Gets Reinforced Eylets

We can see that the eyelets for laces, at least the uppermost eyelet, has been replaced by a riveted hole. That mount is separated from the body of the shoe, which points to a continuation of this two-piece design Reebok started with the Nano 9.

WODDITY was your favorite place for details about the Reebok Nano 9 and the Nike Metcon 5 – stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted about details for the Reebok Nano 10, Reebok Nano X, Ice Cold Nano 3000…whatever the shoe ends up being named.

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