CrossFit Open 2020 Schedule

The CrossFit Games 2020 Open is around the corner. In the shadow of the CrossFit Games in August, CrossFit leaked that the first workout of the Open would be on the tenth of October. In previous years, the CrossFit Open spanned five weeks in February and March. Due to the expanded Sanctional season in 2020, CrossFit has moved the Open to October. The Open is then followed by 28 Sanctional events through July, then the CrossFit Games in August of 2020.

CrossFit Open

If you haven’t participated in previous years, the CrossFit Open is a five-week event. Anyone can compete, at any skill level, in any gym or home location around the world. When registration opens, you register at

CrossFit Open 2020 Cost

In previous years, CrossFit charged $20 USD per athlete participating in the Open. While participation decreased in 2019, it is likely pricing will remain the same. Expect the CrossFit Open cost to remain affordable for athletes of all levels.

CrossFit Open 2020 Workouts

CrossFit Open workouts look to follow the pattern from previous years. The organization announces a workout each Thursday, with most gyms throwing Friday Night Lights events on Fridays. Gym-based athletes receive an official scorecard and submit their scores online by Monday. Affiliate owners have until mid-week to certify those scores.

CrossFit Friday Night Lights

Gyms host Friday Night Lights CrossFit events during the Open. These events gather gym members to complete the workouts with certified judges, as a community. Athletes workout independent of a gym can film their workouts and submit YouTube links to their videos.

CrossFit Open Schedule

Because we know the first workout will be on Thursday, the 10th of October, we have a good idea what the schedule will look like:

CrossFit Open 2020 20.1

CrossFit has scheduled CrossFit Open 20.1 for Thursday, October 10th. The first workout of the Open each year has been the most actionable. Expect the 20.1 Open workout to be something achievable to all skill levels.

CrossFit Open 2020 20.2

CrossFit has scheduled CrossFit Open 20.2 for Thursday, October 17th. Gyms will then have 20.2 Open Friday Night Lights CrossFit events on Friday the 18th. Scores will be due Monday, the 21st of October.

CrossFit Open 2020 20.3

CrossFit Open 20.3 is being announced Thursday, October 24th. Friday Night Lights will be Friday the 25th, and 20.3 Open scores are due Monday the 28th.

CrossFit Open 2020 20.4

The CrossFit Open 20.4 comes out Thursday, October 31st. As one of the later workouts, 20.4 Open is a tougher difficulty than earlier workouts. Many non-competitive gym members will scale this workout. Friday Night Lights is Friday, the 1st of November and scores are due Monday the 4th.

CrossFit Open 2020 20.5

The final workout, CrossFit has scheduled CrossFit Open 20.5 for Thursday, November 7th. Friday Night Lights is Friday, the 8th of November and scores are due Monday the 11th. But, it’s possible the 20.5 Open event will not be the last workout of the series:

CrossFit Open 2020 20.6

CrossFit has only had a sixth CrossFit Open workout once in the history of the Games. If there is a CrossFit Open 20.6 workout, it will follow the same Thursday-through-Monday schedule.

CrossFit Games 2020 Open Workouts

In previous years, we’ve seen a large variety of movements in CrossFit Open workouts. Expect the same for 2020 open workouts. Dave Castro will program true aerobic capacity tests, including weightlifting, gymnastics, and more. He designs these metabolic conditioning (metcon) tests to confirm well-rounded athleticism.

CrossFit Open 2020 Results

One of the best parts of the CrossFit Open is the availability of CrossFit Open scores. All athletes get listed in a global leaderboard. This year, it will include age groups, professions, and more. Greg Glassman announced at a press event in August that participants will be able to purchase personalized shirts listing their final ranks.

CrossFit Open Shirts

Each year, CrossFit makes unique CrossFit Open shirts available to buy. Shop for previous years here:

Training for CrossFit Open

Beyond participating in daily CrossFit workouts and good nutrition, other resources are out there. Cracking the CrossFit Open: How to Outperform Your Peers in Every Workout is a great book to reference for best practices.


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