Kara Saunders Launches YouTube Channel

Kara Saunders might be sitting out of the CrossFit Games this season (because she is pregnant), but that does not mean she is taking any time off. Saunders is still doing the Open, even if scaled, and she has just started a YouTube channel to share her “life, daily routines, answering questions, interviews, CrossFit news, mobility workouts, Unboxing videos and training techniques.”

Saunders’ latest vlog covers 19.2 tips, some behind the scenes footage of the 19.2 live announcement and training while pregnant. Saunders is in her third trimester, but was able to complete 19.2 at the Rx weights. She did, however, modify the toes-to-bar with dumbbell squats.

Check out her latest vlog and subscribe to her YouTube channel.

By Brian Pyfferoen from The Barbell Spin


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