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I'm walking around today a little unclear with all this hub-bub about toxic masculinity. I'm going to share my thoughts but will inevitably enrage someone… But here it goes: Why are we trying to wipe away masculinity? Why are we saying that the qualities that makes some men seemingly more manly as something we must prohibit or alter? Would we want to alter the qualities that make some women womanly? And claim a woman is just too womanly? In terms of evolutionary psychology, and my own limited view being in heterosexual relationships, women and men are essentially the same except for the differences that arose out of distinct reproductive tasks. Because of those tasks our minds differ a little too. We are different, not better or worse, just different. I love that I can step into my most masculine energies (or left brain) and then step into my most feminine energies (right brain). I also love that my dude is, in my perception, a macho man. Any man less in his masculine energy would be drowned out by my very strong masculine energy and attraction would cease to exist (ya know.. polarity…) I digress… I guess this isn't about relationships but I believe we need to channel these masculine energies in positive ways to create stand-up men, gentlemen, kings. And honour those men who are virtuous, loving, protecting, warriors… Not completely diminish, condemn and demonize it. Being an asshole is, as my friend @ps_silverfox put it, gender agnostic. But I don't know much about much and I reckon these are strange times we live in. I also would like to add that I consider myself a feminist. I use Caitlin Moran's definiton: A. I have a vagina B. And I want to be in charge of it Let the comment section hell fire commence…

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