70-year-old Crossfitter loves to ‘lift weights, get stronger’

Lana Marcine set four state, U.S. national records during the 2018 Florida Senior Games in December

70-year-old Marcine said she feels like she’s 50 years old thanks to Crossfit, and her energy is ‘through the roof.’ (Florida Senior Games / Facebook)

It’s safe to say that Lana Marcine is not your average 70-year-old woman. With four state and U.S. national records under her belt from a recent competition in December, Marcine is a powerlifting machine who said she didn’t even do any specific training before she entered the 2018 Florida Senior Games.

“When I was about 55 a bunch of girls took up jogging, which got me into triathlon, so I raced for Canada for 10 years at the world level,” Marcine told CBC News, “and then you know swimming shoulders, tight hamstring issues from running, so I got to do some CrossFit for backup [and] I ended up loving it.”

She said she started to get into CrossFit seriously about three years ago.

Marcine said she competed in five world competitions as part of Team Canada over 10 years. (Lana Marcine / Facebook)

“I loved lifting the weights, getting stronger and once I gave up triathlon, I could seriously get into the Crossfit and just loved it,” Marcine added, saying that she also fell in love with the Crossfit community and the variety of different workouts.

Marcine, who is from Kenora, Ont., lives in Florida during the winter months, which has allowed her to participate in several state competitions including swimming, water volleyball and beach volleyball.

She said when she found out that a powerlifting competition was also happening, she decided to sign up.

“I went to the state games for my first ever powerlifting competition two years ago and I won my age group,” she said, “and then last February I did a senior games, not a state games, and I set a record at that particular competition.”

Powerlifting competitions consists of back squatting, deadlifting and bench pressing, Marcine explained, but she never trained specifically for any of those exercises.

Marcine said since the 2018 Florida Senior Games she has signed up for some powerlifting classes to help her train for her next competition, where she plans to beat her own record. (Lana Marcine / Facebook)

“I don’t do any specific powerlifting training. I do Crossfit, that’s it,” she noted.

The 70-year-old athlete said she can now climb a rope that’s five meters high, thanks to Crossfit, and her energy is “through the roof.”

“I strongly believe women should be lifting weights … and I wish I had started when I was 20,” she said.

During the recent games in December, Marcine said she set the record for her age and weight class by bench pressing a little over 80 pounds, squatting with weights just over 115 pounds and deadlifting a total of 220 pounds.

“I think I’m going to try and beat those records,” she said.

By Christina Jung from CBC News


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