The Mermaid Athlete in Miami

The backstory.

Three years ago Maggie Shemenski’s hands and feet started to contract. “They said it was sore muscles; I was working out too much,” Shemenski said. “They said I had Rheumatoid arthritis, and then they said I had Rhabdo and come to find out I didn’t have any of those things.”

A medical mystery.

Despite years of tests and treatments, doctors still haven’t been able to officially diagnose Maggie, but that hasn’t stopped her from living her life to the fullest.

Maggie is a regular at the 6:00 AM class at CrossFit Pushin Weight in Powhatan, VA where she trains just as hard as she did before her medical issues began.

“She comes in day in and day out and does the work,” said owner Ashley Jenkins. “I’ll do one workout with her the way that she does it and I don’t think people understand what a true, true warrior she is.” And that’s why everyone at CrossFit Pushin Weight calls her #MermaidStrong.

Another WOD entirely.

“When you’re wearing hooks and you’re doing it from your knees it’s a different workout and it’s a game changer,” Jenkins said. “You can understand how hard it is and the tenacity that she has.”

Maggie placed second in the Adaptive/Seated division in the Wodapalooza online qualifier and today CrossFit Pushin Weight is hosting a fundraiser WOD to help get her there. And here’s the kicker, Maggie got to design the WOD.

“They have to do it like I do and that’s the most exciting thing ever because you see all these able-bodied athletes doing things their way. Nobody really understands how I have to do it.”

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