2019 CrossFit Season Leaderboard

If you’re a fan of the sport of fitness, you know things have definitely changed for the 2019 CrossFit Games season.

With this week’s release of the official rulebook for the season, we get to see in specific detail what the year will look like.

One small pain point fans are struggling with is how to keep track of all the new qualifier ‘sanctional‘ events.

Our friends (okay, it’s more of a fanboy relationship. We love you, Justin LoFranco!) over at Morning Chalk Up have blessed us fans with a great leaderboard we can follow.

At the time of publishing, only one sanctioned event has been concluded – the Dubai CrossFit Championships. First place winners Mat Fraser and Sam Briggs are the first two individuals on the leaderboard tagged as having punched their ticket to the 2019 Games.

Be sure to follow the leaderboard to stay in-the-know about all fifteen sanctional events.


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