Meathead Hippie Podcast: Caroline Burkle

Caroline Burckle is an Olympic Bronze Medalist from 2008 Beijing Games in swimming, World & NCAA Champion, has a Masters of Sport Psychology and an Associate of Arts in Product Development.  Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, she is now based in Los Angeles, CA. 

Caroline has stepped away from defining herself as only an athlete and has made her mark as an entrepreneur. She has built a community of Olympians and youth athletes, RISE Athletes  RISE is a mentorship program where Olympians provide mindset training and holistic development experience to youth athletes from all over the globe. 

Caroline believes in the power of mind+body connection, using her physical setbacks as mental lessons, and emotional obstacles as a way to tap into the power of her body. She is deeply into the arts, and freehand sketches her unconventional “muses” as a form of mental-movement. She also has partnered with Natura Culina and created her own skin recovery product, Carococo.

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