From Felony to Fitness to Freedom

Some background.

Doug Bopst was arrested on Cinco de Mayo 2018. With a half-pound of marijuana in his trunk and two thousand dollars in cash, he was charged with felony intent to distribute. He received a five-year sentence.

He surrendered himself one week after his 21st birthday. Sad, feeling like a failure, and sure he ruined his life, he spent the next few weeks detoxing from opioid addiction. “It feels like you’re crawling out of your own skin,” he said in an interview.

That doesn’t sound like fun. 

One night during a game of scrabble his cellmate, Eric, suggested he work out with him. At first, he declined. “I could’ve been an advertisement for Pillsbury,” Bopst laughed. But then he changed his mind and gave it a go.

He couldn’t even do one pull-up.

So, he threw himself into the cause. Eric wrote him a workout plan to follow through the week and helped him improve his diet. With Eric’s help, by the time he was released Doug could run a mile and do ten push-ups. He had lost about 40 pounds.

Inspired to do the same.

Doug was so inspired by Eric that he wanted to do the same for others. He begged for a job at the Maryland Athletic Club and, despite his felony record, got it. Now he spends his day training clients and working out, inspiring others to be the best version of themselves.

A lot of his clients are in recovery too. They appreciate having someone who understands. “It’s nice to be able to relate to him. We can talk about it and he gets it,” said one of his clients.

Bopst completed every prescribed portion of his sentece. At the end of his probation, he returned to the judge and told him that he had done it, all of it, without messing up. The judge struck the felony from his record.

A new life entirely.

In August of 2014, Bopst wrote a book titled From Felony to Fitness to Free.“If I hadn’t gotten arrested I’d be dead. I was snorting enough painkillers to kill a horse.” Now, he has the tools for a life he is proud of.

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