Snowboarder Shaun White, CrossFit Star Mat Fraser Tour to Support US Troops

Snowboarder and Olympic champion Shaun White, and CrossFit star Mat Fraser took part in the annual Holiday Tour conducted by the United Service Organization in order to boost the morale of the US troops posted overseas.

“Proud to visit the men and women serving, a BIG thank you to @theuso and @thejointstaff for having me on this holiday tour”, Fraser wrote on his Instagram page.

“Awesome first day of the #uso holiday tour!! Spending time with the 3rd battalion, 8th marines regiment in Norway”, echoed White. You were all amazing thanks for the memories!!”

According to Stars and Stripes, the athletes also made a stop in Afghanistan as part of the tour, just as Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford told the troops stationed there that their mission continues as planned regardless of the rumors of a massive pullout reportedly announced by US President Donald Trump.

US troops invaded Afghanistan in November 2001 in response to the September 11 attacks. Over 16,000 soldiers from 39 NATO countries are currently serving in Afghanistan as part of the mission, with the majority of the contingent being the US soldiers.

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