Katrin Davidsdottir Featured in Reebok’s ‘The Woman Within’

By Brian Pyfferoen
From: The Barbell Spin

Reebok recently launched its ‘The Woman Within’ campaign and the two-time CrossFit Games champion Katrin Davidsdottir was featured alongside Gigi Hadid , Gal Gadot, Nathalie Emmanuel and several others.

The Woman Within series spotlights strong female ambassadors in beautiful, powerful and raw portraits. Each portrait is also extremely unique and personal, with each ambassador in a pose of strength depicted next to her own handwritten words of motivation. Each portrait, while very personal, is united under the goal of encouraging viewers to be the best versions of themselves physically, mentally and socially.

Katrin Davidsdottir in The Woman Within.
Danai Gurira. The Woman Within.
Gal Gadot. The Woman Within.
Gigi Hadid. The Woman Within.
Jenny Gaither. The Woman Within.
Nathalie Emmanuel. The Woman Within.
Reese Scott. The Woman Within.
Shannon Kim Wagner. The Woman Within.
Yelda Ali. The Woman Within.


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