How One Woman Returned to CrossFit After a Helicopter Crash

From: Morning Chalk Up

The story.

Carol Gray, at 65-years-old, was taking flying lessons from her instructor, Harvey Shubart, when they lost control and made a hard landing into nearby marshes around 9:30 AM on Friday, August 10.

Both her and Shubart got out of the helicopter on their own and were rushed to the hospital via ambulance. Both survived.

That’s amazing.

“I truly believe because of CrossFit that I was able to walk away from the crash with little to no long-term physical disabilities or loss of quality of life,” Carol said.

When the helicopter Carol was flying plummeted into a marsh, she was completely upside down, suspended from her seatbelt. “Because I am flexible, I was able to get one leg on the ground, hold myself with my arms in an upside-down position and release the belt without further injury. I am thankful for CrossFit stretching and flexibility skills, upper body strengthening, and handstand pushup movements. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that handstand pushups would help save the day!” she said in an interview.

How is she now?

Carol’s injuries from the crash required surgery on a knee laceration. “As a nurse practitioner, I know very well that with this mechanism of injury, the incidence of neck and back injuries are very high, and usually result in prolonged pain and loss of quality of life. I am positive that because of my core body strength and ongoing training, that I did not have neck and back injury at all. Again, I have CrossFit to thank.”

After her knee surgery, Carol wore a full leg brace that did not allow for any bending of her right knee. But Carol was back to work two weeks later, finished physical therapy early, and returned to the fitness at Hardbat CrossFit just 8 weeks after the crash.

“I am very lucky to have survived a helicopter crash, grateful that I survived without life threatening injuries and most importantly without loss of quality of life. Thank you CrossFit, I’m back!”


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