Camille Leblanc Bazinet’s Husband Competes in Bodybuilding Competition

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Former CrossFit Games winner Camille Leblanc Bazinet’s husband, Dave Lipson, recently took part in a bodybuilding competition and came in first in the Classic Physique Open category.

He used a combination of traditional hypertrophy, functional training and CrossFit in order to get in shape for the competition. After the competition was over, Dave wrote:

“We love training, physical culture and pursuing goals and putting our method to the test is a way to put our money where our mouth is. I now firmly believe the pursuit and marriage of both aesthetics and performance is completely possible.”

Camille also posted her view on the whole process, and her support for her husband:

“It seems these days like there is a disconnect between type of training and that a lot of people try to bring down one part or the other in order to raise themselves up!!! The truth is that someone might be squatting a little different then you but at the end you are both squatting 🙈

I am so proud of my husband diving in against the current and creating is own method of training pairing functional fitness and hypertrophy training to show that you can achieve aesthetic and symmetry through mixing bodybuilding and functional fitness.

After all we might get better by learning from everyone… i know crazy right 🤪 This was his first bodybuilding show ever and end up winning men’s classic physic group C and second overall!!!

I’m so impressed that he just went all in without any judgement or fear of what people might say or think!! Yes people ask me a lot of question like: why is he doing this, is he doing this as a joke? … to me this just show how uncomfortable other people are when we dare to do something different and have the courage to explore, grow, be vulnerable and put ourselves out there!!! Be the leader that take chances in order to help others do the same.”


I love him so much 😭💕👊🏽”


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