Getting Out of the House After Twenty Years to Get After the Fitness

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The story.

Twenty was a rough age for Rosie Dull. After her mother passed away, Rosie quickly fell into a depression so deep it led her to try to commit suicide, twice.

The first time, she tried to drive her car into a brick wall but stopped before impact. The second time she tried to cut her wrists. Though she wouldn’t try a third time, Rosie spent the next twenty years not really living.

She went home and just kind of stayed there. She didn’t have guests over, she let the answering machine take all her calls, and she just drove to her doctor appointments and back.

Her doctor had been pressuring Rosie to get gastric bypass surgery. She finally agreed.

But first…

Rosie had to lose 90 pounds just to be fit enough for the surgery. So she tried a few boot camp programs. Three weeks later, terrified of the risk of death the surgery carried, she canceled the procedure. She stopped going to boot camp.

Not part of the plan.

But, just down the street from her house in Walpole, MA, a new gym popped up: CrossFit Prosperity. On a whim one day in 2015, Rosie walked in.

It was a life-changing moment. “She told me she had a gastric-bypass surgery scheduled but then just decided that she wanted to just do it herself. And then she did, which is pretty cool,” said owner Craig Robertson in an interviewwith the CrossFit Journal.

That is pretty cool.

What else is pretty cool is that Rosie has completely transformed her life. She’s down 60 pounds and looks forward to leaving her house now.

“If you’re having a bad day, the best thing to do, for me, anyways, is walk in the gym and pick up a barbell. You zone out. You forget about the outside world. You’re just concentrating on what’s going on in front of you.”


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