Four Things to Do This Veterans Day

From: Morning Chalk Up

Today is Veterans Day. And while we know it’s tempting to take the day off, take it easy, take a rest day, we want to remind you of one thing: Veterans.

So, here are four WODs to get out there and get after while you enjoy this National Holiday.

  1. VETWOD 2018 — Compete in VETWOD, the first annual online-only functional fitness competition to benefit Mission 22, an organization that fights against veteran suicide. Workouts will take place over three weeks, starting today with WOD #1, programmed by Street Parking. Even though they’re all online WODS, there’s still prizes and tons of awesome sponsors like Alpha Brew Coffee, FNX, and RXBAR.
  2. WOD FOR WARRIORS — You’ve got until tomorrow to do “Armistice” for WOD for Warriors, a workout held on Veterans Day all across the country. This event is an opportunity to support veterans through functional fitness, compete for more than $2,000 in prizes, and raise funds for America’s veterans. One hundred percent of the proceeds from this event go directly to support Team RWB’s mission to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.
  3. CHALK UP FOR BURPEES — Hoping to draw attention to the high levels of Veteran Suicide due to loneliness and isolation, Chalk Up For Burpeesis running an online campaign open to all; a solid seven minutes of burpees. You can post your burpees on Instagram and let Chalk Up for Burpees know who you honored with your seven minutes.
  4. CATCH A LIFT — You can also do CrossFit’s Coffland Hero WOD Challenge for Catch A Lift.  Register as an individual, complete the workout and submit your score by the 12th. All proceeds go to Catch A Lift, a foundation that helps post 9/11 combat wounded veterans regain their mental and physical health through gym memberships, in home gym equipment, personalized fitness and nutrition programs, and peer support network. Catch A Lift was founded by Lynn Coffland, sister of Army Cpl. Chris Coffland, who lost his life in November of 2009 in Afghanistan while serving in Operation Enduring Freedom. Coffland believed that through fitness, one can reach their highest potential both mentally and physically.



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