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In 2006 Hannah McKeand set a world speed record for skiing solo and unsupported to the South Pole, a journey of 690 miles that she completed in 39 days, 9 hours and 33 minutes. She went on to completed six expeditions to the South Pole and over 6000 miles of Antarctic sled-hauling, more than anyone else in the world today. She has also undertaken expeditions on the Arctic Ocean, Greenland, South America, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Namibia, Afghanistan and the Amazon and she has sailed around the world. She works full time as a polar field guide, logistics consultant, and motivational speaker.
Hannah actively mentors young people, teaches aspiring explorers and hopes that by writing and speaking about her experiences in the world and sharing them with those who care to read or listen, then she will inspire people to go after their own dreams and achieve their own goals.

Content Summary
4:28 Introducing Hannah McKeand
Polar expeditioner who held a world record for the fastest time, male or female, to journey by ski to the South Pole and how she fell in love with Antarctica.
“It’s like when Dorothy steps into Oz and it all goes into glorious technicolor. That’s kind of how I feel when I step foot in Antarctica, like suddenly the world goes into glorious technicolor and I get this heightened sense of being.”
12:40 Feeling too big for the world
Growing up as a tall woman, finding her home in an arctic desert
“When I started encountering these places, it was in a really, it was a really refreshing feeling because I feel so tiny in these places.”
17:50 Meditation in ignoring the fuss
Stay the course and carry on with purpose, despite the circumstances
“There’s no need to fuss. I’m just gonna do my thing.”
24:45 Micro adventures
The concept from Al Humphreys to take the first step
“It’s okay to embrace what’s possible while you’re dreaming about what seems impossible.”
32:55 North Pole & Giving your all
Falling to sea ice and her survival
“There’s a difficult thing that’s gonna happen, like something’s gonna hurt or something’s gonna taste bad. You’ve gotta do it. You’ve gotta give all the effort the first go cause you’ll never be able to give that much effort again.”
40:46 Change one thing, change your perspective
When you’re feeling stuck, give yourself a new perspective with one small change
“You can be sort of frozen and stagnating in a moment that you don’t know what the solution is, and I always say if that sort of situation comes up, change something.”

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