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It’s no question where Emily has cultivated some of most admirable traits as a strong, capable and fearless woman. Stacy Schromm, Emily’s very own mama, joins us on Meathead Hippie this week to share her own perspective on life, love, gratitude, relationships and everything in between. As a woman with a heart full of abiding love and a mind of deep-rooted wisdom, Stacy brings awareness to the importance of acknowledging our vulnerability, and it’s essential role in self-love and forming healthy relationships. “Find the person who is mom to you. Find that person, and let that love soak into you.” With her own current mantra being, “I am loved,” it has allowed her to not only accept her own valuable worthiness, but extend even more love towards the lives of others.


7:00 Ayahuasca Experience

  • The experience brought enlightenment and a new perspective to releasing control

  • Defining our quest in always wanting to do better and accepting worthiness

15:00 Don’t Overthink It

  • Step 1: Have a mantra – “Your brain will begin to believe what you keep telling it.”

  • Step 2: Reach out to a loved one – “When you know somebody simply loves you, you begin to just let that in.”

22:00 Love and Vulnerability

  • “Find the person who is mom to you. Find that person, and let that love soak into you.”

  • How to recognize the pain inside, grieve, and then move on to find love in other relationships

25:00 Parenting, Favorite Reads & Gratitude

  • Kahlil Gibran’s poem on giving your children love, but not your thoughts

  • Current book of choice: The Happiness Advantage

30:00 Spirit Animal: Ladybug

  • Steven Farmer’s incredible book on finding your “power animal”

  • The ladybug: delicate, loving with a natural flow of abundance

35:00 Much Love for Emily’s Tribe

  • The quality of people that are a part of Emily’s tribe are truly wonderful



Meathead Hippie Episode #75 – Em Interviews Her Momma Emily: Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. It’s Emily Schromm your host of Meathead Hippie podcast. I am a nutritional therapy practitioner, personal trainer, serial entrepreneur. I just am in Denver, Colorado busy as a bee loving every second. I have a great announcement finally. The BIRTHFIT EmPack has launched. If you guys have not seen it, please go to EvovledMotion.com and see my newest product. This is a BIRTHFIT EmPack, basically the most badass collaboration. I’ve been interviewing a lot of people from BIRTHFIT. BIRTHFIT is a mom organization that trains mom pre-natal, postpartum, how to have a baby because having a baby is one of the most athletic events of your life, and although I have no experienced it, I know that it’s important to have a training tool at home and on the go, and that’s where the EmPack comes in, so my backpack turned weight training bag. We joined forces and it’s on the market. So please go check it out. I am obsessed with it. Yay! A couple things, I am gonna be in Palm Springs this weekend for Wellspring, so I cannot wait for that. And I think that’s actually all I got, because if I go down the rabbit hole it’s gonna be way too long and I want this to be a short intro. Today is super super special. I get to interview my mom. it was so fun. She just wasn’t really sure what to expect but I’m just so grateful for her for jumping in. I can’t do a mom month of moms on my podcast and not interview my own mom, who is my most loyal listener I think since day one. So I’ve mentioned her in every podcast, and she was a huge piece of a big part of my own belief in self, and I have talked about her so many times I’m running a program, a mindset program, called Don’t Overthink It, and also a I just did a talk at Bumble in Denver about overthinking it and how to be more mindful. And there was an experience that we’ll talk about in this podcast that I haven’t really shared about my Ayahuasca experience and just learning how to love myself a little bit. I just loved her take on it and it’s just a little bit shorter but super awesome. So call your mom. Call someone you love. If you are someone- we do talk about this- I am so lucky to have my mom, and I know not everyone is, so if that is you and you’re listening, I just wanted to send my love and I know my mom’s sending her love as well, and I hope you know this is in no way of me saying this is for moms and for great relationships. This is for anybody that has a figure in their life that loves you unconditionally or if you are that figure for somebody else, and if not, I hope this inspires you to be that person for somebody in your life, if not now, but soon. Okay, enjoy. I’m Emily Schromm, the ultimate Meathead Hippie. Welcome to the show. (upbeat fun music) Emily: To all my listeners, this is the month of mama’s because we’re doing this incredible collaboration with BIRTHFIT. Mom, did you know the tagline was “Because giving birth is the most athletic event of your life?” Mom: I love it. Emily: Isn’t that great? Mom: It’s also the most emotionally moving. Emily: Emotionally moving? Mom: Yes FYI. Emily: Well I don’t know about that, but.. But I was like well. Mom: The most emotionally moving of my life. Other people can have other emotionally moving things but- Emily: Well I laugh because I don’t know ever- I mean I still am on the fence if I’m gonna have kids, mom. Mom: Well I don’t know if you remember about five years ago we were on a bike ride, 10 years ago. We were talking about you having children and I said, “The experience I had having you, I would want you to have that. It’s the most incredible experience of my life.” Emily: I was an accident too. Mom: Well, notEmily: I was unplanned. Mom: I would- Yes, that’s a better way to put it. (laughs) Emily: I was unplanned. And my name was supposed to be- A what month did you realize I was a girl? Was it right up until I was born or pretty close? Mom: You were born. I didn’t do all those things that people who now where they find out the gender and they do those gender parties and all that. I never did any of that. Actually I knew you were a girl when your father said, “It’s another girl” (laughs) two seconds after you were born. Emily: That’s so funny. Mom: I’ve got the three flowers thing. Emily: Yeah. Mom: You’re my third flower. Emily: Three flowers. My two older sisters. Well I just- it was also just your birthday, which I got to see you on, which was amazing. Mom: Yeah, it was amazing. Emily: And I just wanted to talk about you know, you have just come up so much. I think I mention you on every Meathead Hippie podcast andMom: It always makes me smile. Emily: And I also had some pretty profound thinking to do for developing this Don’t Overthink It program, so this mindset program that I’m doing. And so much of the way we overthink it is just- You know, a lot of it has to do with our cravings and sometimes our emotional connection with food, and that’s why we kind of have a hard time eating well. That’s part one. Part two, there’s not a big enough reason or purpose for somebody to really stick with something, but what I found more and more, it is so- I think this is probably eight times out of 10, it is so much about someone’s self-love and their ability to love themselves in a way that makes them feel like they deserve goodness I think in this world. And so you came up so much because remember my Ayahuasca experience? And I just wanted to talk about that and you have been my biggest cheerleader, and I don’t know. I don’t even know how to describe it. I don’t have words because I know how lucky I am. I know a lot of people don’t have the support from their parents like I have from mine, and I just feel overwhelmingly grateful for you and I would share a little bit about the experience to everybody because I know it helped a lot of people in the talks that I’ve been doing about the not overthinking it. But anyways, I just had to have you on. Mom: Okay. Emily: (laughs) Mom: Words are inadequate for the love that I feel for you and always have. It’s bigger than words. It’s bigger than this world. It goes beyond. I- It’s not- You know, words are inadequate. And so I’m thankful for your Ayahuasca experience because I feel like you touched that. Emily: Yeah. I remember being like, “I can’t wait to call my mom,” which I feel like maybe the last thing most people think (laughs) when they’re done with an Ayahuasca experience. So let me do a little- What are you drinking by the way? Mom: (laughs) I’m drinking a smoothie. Well, I know you’re not real into shakes. It’s not a shake. I wen tot he farmer’s market yesterday and got all kinds of kale and spinach and sprouts. It’s like such good fresh vegetables straight out of the garden, so I made a smoothie. Emily: I love shakes. Remember, I just have to have the right stuff in it. Mom: Yeah. Yeah. This is any easy way to eat a salad while I’m talking. Emily: I love it. And that also- Before we get into the Ayahuasca experience, you are a 100% my role model when I think of my journey. You implanted- There was one, the rule of there has to be something green on the dinner table. That was always a rule, so that’s something I do not take for granted cause that’s how I still feel. Like it feels weird if there’s not something green, which should be the case for every meal, right? And then, two, it was about- every time I was in pain or complaining, you would just tell me to drink water. Mom: (laughs) And my kids at school, I say, “How much water have you had to drink?” And now I also ask, “How much sleep have you had?” (laughs) I’m bad at sleep, but- cause most people are dehydrated. Emily: I know. And you’re still- We still are on the fence of your enneagram number, but I think you are a seven because you have to move all the time. You are constantly in motion and I love it because you’re either outside, or in sunshine, or in nature and you just kinda gave that to us, your children. So thank you. Mom: You do have a love for it. I’m so thankful. I’m so thankful because it’s so good for the soul. Emily: It is. Mom: Where I feel at home is out there. Emily: For sure. I love when, our Alaska trip was pretty profound. Mom: It was. I will have to say, I mean this is what I think about when I think about the Alaska trip, how- I mean, it was so beautiful. Words don’t. I mean, not words, the pictures don’t even do it justice because it was so beautiful, but you were the most beautiful thing out there. Emily: Mom! (laughs) Mom: Almost a setting worthy of you (laughs) Emily: You’re so crazy. It’s so far from the truth, guys, but thank you. Mom: I thought that the whole time. Emily: That’s so funny. Well okay, this is- I’ll go into Ayahuasca cause that is exactly who you are so I am- I think- I don’t know why I’m so hard on myself but you also are hard on yourself too. We all kind of are. I think anybody in this world is. No matter what I was doing, I could not figure out how to break through that, whether it was just telling myself or going over this in my head, like I know this is an issue. You can start to see how the root of things are built in your life and for business, it was like I have to prove something, and I didn’t want that to be the case anymore and then I had just gotten out of a stupid, silly relationship so I was kinda just in that open minded, I’m ready to change, and I don’t know what that means, and that’s when the Ayahuasca opportunity came. I don’t think you should seek it. If it’s the right time, it happens. And it’s a plant that comes from ancient medicine cultures, but Peru in particular, and I had an opportunity to do it and I remember being terrified. And the full experience I will tell someday. I mean I quite literally was terrified, but you have to let go of control and have this complete out of body experience with this medicine with a spiriter. There’s someone there talking to you, which is so crazy, but you kinda hear that when you Google it. I remember feeling, we went through so many radical scary emotions and then the final piece was this giant tree from what looked like Avatar. Have you ever seen that movie? Mom: Yes, yes. I love it. Emily: Me too. This beautiful tree from Avatar, and beautiful glowing and it was nighttime. Everything was magical. It was this spirit journey saying I am going to let you feel the love that your mom feels for you, and I became you feeling the love you felt for me, and I just cannot even express how powerful and emotional and intense it was. I was like, “How does she love me this much?” (laughs) so when you say that, I feel it. Every time I feel it in the darkest moments. I don’t know why. Do you have an opinion of why it’s so hard for us to have love for ourselves like others have for us? Mom: Hmm. Good question. Um, some of its our quest to always do better when we have personalities to always do better and more, which is not a bad thing. Um, that we don’t meet our own standards. Um, and I’d say that some of it’s just worthiness, accepting worthiness. And it’s sort of a decision, but it’s also sort of a spiritual experience to accept your worthiness. Emily: Yeah. Mom: And it takes- but you know, even in your story, what it took was for you to understand how much I love you. So I don’t think you can do that alone. Emily: I know. And that’s- it’s tough because sometimes relationships can dig it out of you, but that usually goes wrong because you rely on those relationships to get validation for self. And so when the relationship crumbles, you know. Mom: Are you thinking, you know, which comes first. The chicken and the egg, self love and then I attract a good relationship. Or does a good relationship increase my self love? I feel like with my relationship, I needed both. It’s like they go together. Like one did go before the other, but they feed each other. Emily: Yeah. Mom: So yeah, that’s kind of tricky. Emily: Yeah, that is a good question. Well it was so powerful that it allowed me to really understand how worthy I was for the first time in my life. I kind of, when I do timelines of things, that was, you know, that was over three years ago? Mom: Yeah. Emily: Maybe not quite three years. Mom: Yeah, I’m thinking two and a half. I’m really bad on time. I have no sense of time. Emily: Yeah. No concept. Well two and a half years ago. Well I was just thinking in my life, you know, obviously fitness and nutrition come first because they’re the blueprints and the base for health and mental clarity and all that, but it’s quite literally how I built my business right? Fitness and nutrition an then what’s the most crazy thing for me is understanding that that two and half years ago, I only haven company two and half years ago. Mom: Yeah. Emily: Isn’t that crazy? Mom: So finding that self-love allowed you to really flourish. Emily: Well yeah, it just opened up- It tapped into- Maybe the EmPack I had launched on Kickstarter. Mom: Yeah, I think was started. Emily: But yeah. Wow. Mom: So how can we help, how can we help others find it? Emily: Yeah. Well one thing I think one of my biggest tasks for my Don’t Overthink It programmers, my amazing people that are in that program, the first thing I love mantras. So I wanted to ask what your mantra currently was? Because putting them in peripheral vision, like not just saying it and then letting it go, or writing it down a couple times, and then letting it stick, but having it in visible sight as much as possible. So you know, what do you wish for and how can we out those into words, to say that I am that. So that was step one. Mom: That’s a really good idea, and you don’t have to even quite believe it at first, you know? Because you won’t. But your brain will begin to believe what you keep telling it. Emily: Isn’t that cool? Mom: Super cool. We really have a lot of choice in the matter. You know, sometimes you feel powerless, but we really aren’t. Yeah, and if one person can shift from, “I’m so fat” or “I’m so this” or “I’m so that,” to I’m worthy and successful or whatever. What’s the typical I am for you guys? Emily: Consistent. I am consistent. I am in control. I amMom: Capable. Emily: Capable, yeah. Strong, capable, badass, superhero. Of course those are my four favorites, a little bias about- I did put them on a T-shirt so. Mom: Very good. So you don’t have to believe it the first time, but if you continue to say it you will believe it, and then you really will become it. Emily: And what do you have a mantra right now? Mom: Good question. Honestly in my quiet meditation practice I mostly quiet my thoughts rather than add a thought. But if I had one, for a while I would- I was doing I loved. And I would say, “Life loves you.” I would even look at, I had a little mirror, I’d look in the mirror and say, “I love you. I completely love you. Life loves you. Life is good to you today.” That was helpful. Trying to think what I’ve done recently cause it’s been kind of a challenging start to the school year, so I’ve had to really pull out a lot of tools (laughs) to do okay. Emily: My mom’s a teach you guys. I forgot to say that. Mom, you’re the most amazing- You used to be my teacher. Mom: Yes, I was. Those were fun days. Yeah. Well, certain parts of them. Emily: I was pretty tough. I was a tough one. Mom: You were so lively. You were the big ball and people tried to fit you into a little square box. It didn’t work, but I never was unhappy about that. I was always happy you were the big ball that didn’t fit. (laughs) You were way too big for everybody’s brains. I mean, you know. There was way more to you than the school system allowed sometimes. (laughs) Emily: Well and then I said, “Okay, if you can’t tap into that yourself..” because that’s so hard for people to say something that they rule don’t believe, right? If their brain doesn’t believe it, then their body’s going to reject it and so that can be really this tough position. So I told them toI told them the story of the Ayahuasca experience and the love I felt form you, and it was this incredible experience and I remember saying, “If I can’t tap into this, but I can tap into it through my mom, then everyone should be able to do that in some way with somebody that they love.” So it is, the step two is if we can’t do it ourselves or if we just need encouragement, then you have to reach out to the people who are your moms or not your moms. But for me it was you, but for other people it’s their partner or their sister or their like, neighbor, or whoever it is. You know? Mom: I love that, because really both are true. So you know, we find it in ourselves, but we really do find it with each other too. And when you know somebody just simply loves you, you know, you can just let that in. Emily: Yeah. Well I love it. And do you have any for yourself for tapping into learning how to love yourself? Mom: Keep at it. It’s a journey. Like we get there, but we’re always getting there. Both. Be around the right people (laughs) like listen to- Maybe I should say listen to the right voices. Not listen to the right voices in your own head, but also listen to the voices around you because you’ll always have negative voices to listen to if you decide to, but if you look, and gratitude really helps with this, say okay what can I be grateful for today? And also you’ll find so many good things around you and people. So find those voices to listen to and listen to those, in your own head and around you. I think that’s what helps me right now. Emily: You’re so grateful all the time. You’re like a giant ball of sunshine. Mom: My life blood (laughs) but I really am. I mean I’m really grateful. I’m not faking it, but all you have to do is look for the good and you’ll find it. Emily: Yeah. Oh you’re on your front porch. Mom- So all my listeners, my mom does all the shirt shipments from EmilySchromm.com so all those Good Human shirts, and I love it because especially those patches people win when they finish the EmFit challenges, you guys receive a patch that says all these mantras: I am strong, capable, badass after the end of the 21 days, and Mom is the one who ships it all. I swear she just has the- she puts voodoo good energy into it. Mom: I do. I promise I do it with love. Emily: It’s felt. It’s totally felt. Mom: I look at the name and I send you love (laughs). Emily: And that’s something I wanted to say. A lot of my people, if they don’t- if they’re not as lucky to have a mom like you, which quite frankly, I just never want to take that for granted because so many just- One, I remember writing your birthday post for your birthday, and I had a couple people like, “I am so inspired by this. I want to be a better mom.” And I thought that was amazing because I was like that’s – You have shown me how to be a good mom, like what I need, not too much pressure, obviously some in some way, but you never tried to- You knew I wasn’t going to listen sometimes, and instead of constantly fighting, you let me figure it out on my own cause that’s always how I learn. I had to figure it out. What if other people that aren’t quite as lucky? Mom: If they don’t feel like their mom loves them unconditionally you mean? Emily: Yeah, or maybe their mom is not here anymore. Mom: Maybe the mom has passed or it’s complicated. Yeah, there’s complicated things. Well I think that what you say, find the person. Find the person who is mom to you, or like you said it’s doesn’t have to be mom. It can be partner. It can be friend. It can be sister. Find that person and let that love soak into you. And the thing is, I read this, this guy David Richo, he talks- I love his book. It was a life-changing book for me years ago. It was How To Be An Adult, and he talks about when a parent hasn’t been the kind of parent you’ve needed, you know, as far as being loving you. He says there’s a season where you have to grieve that, like you ‘re not gonna be able to go back and fix that, but you can grieve it. You can recognize the pain inside and grieve it, and then you can move on and find it in other relationships. Emily: Yeah, and I think a lot of people miss the grieving because it’s vulnerable, right? They don’t wanna have to feel the ick. Mom: We can grieve. It will hurt, but it’s honest. Emily: Yeah, there was a book you mentioned Alaska. There was a book you found years and years ago, maybe even before you had kids, that was talking about- he was a poet. Mom: Uh huh, Kahlil Gibran. Emily: Yeah, can you tell that story? Mom: Yeah. I was about 18 when I found him. He’s from Eastern Europe or something in the early 1900’s. Emily: Say his name again. Mom: Kahlil Gibran. K-A-H-L-I-L and his last name is G-I-B-R-A-N. And it was this story of this sage and he was leaving a town, and so the town’s people came to him and said, “Tell us about this. Teach us about this. Teach about this.” So the one on children was very profound. Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself. Your children- I used to know it by heart, I don’t know if I still do. They come from you. No, they come through you but not from you, and I always felt that way about you guys, that I didn’t own you. (laughs) I was lucky enough to bring you into the world, but you belonged to the world, not just me. And yeah, it’s really good. You can give them your love, but not your thoughts because they have their own thoughts. So really good. That profoundly moved me on how to be a parent, and I wish I had it in from of me. I could read it to you. Sorry I don’t. Emily: It’s okay. Mom: I didn’t prepare. Yeah, but Kahlil Gibran on children if somebody wants to look it up. It’s very easily found. Emily: And we are all three very different. We’re very similar. We look very alike, my two older sisters and myself, but we are very, very different. Mom: Yes. It makes perfect sense. (laughs) Emily: And as far as your spiritual growth, and I know this is- so many people are into this. You have so many books, so many resources. I know you love Oprah Soul Sessions. Do you have any favorites that you’re listening to right now as far as just growing and being present or books that have helped kind of ground you and center you? Mom: Well first of all, I will say, you know you talk to me today and I’ll tell you something, but I really hop around a lot. Just so you know, I need variety. (laughs) So what I did, you know, a month ago may not work today. So a current choice is actually I’m listening to a Shawn Acre book on The Happiness Advantage. Emily: He just was interviewed by 10% Happier that you sent me. Mom: Exactly. Emily: Yes. I love that podcast. Mom: And I had read him before and loved it and forgot it. I was like, “Oh that’s right.” So I’m re-reading it and re-applying all his wonderful principles, so I’m really really enjoying that. I’m trying to think what else. That’s sort of been how I’ve been feeding myself this week. The other thing, actually as a teacher, I’ve been listening to this gal called Cult of Pedagogy and she does a really nice job helping me continue to be a better teacher, but that’s not really a spiritual thing even though it is, but yeah, those are the two things that I’m doing right now. Emily: Those are good. Yeah, I like Shawn Acre a lot. You are the one who told me this on your birthday that it has to be three different things. Not three things that you’re grateful for every day, but three different things that you’re grateful for every day and why. Mom: Exactly, and what happens is you start scanning during the day for all the good things that are going on. I even implemented it in my classroom, cause this is a little bit of a challenging group, and I realized I wasn’t scanning for the good. I was like bopping the bad. And I’m like, “No, no, no, no. Let’s do a shift.” So I ended my classroom like two, three, four minutes early, and I said okay, now we’re just gonna sit and do some appreciations. And so I started. I say, “I appreciate when you kept going at this problem” and this and that and that. I’ll just do al the things I noticed and invite them to join me. And I tell you what, the atmosphere of my classroom has completely shifted. Emily: Are you using those oils? Do you like those oils? Mom: Yes, oh my gosh. They’re definitely good for my atmosphere too. Emily: I got her a bunch of essential oils for her classroom. All the chakras. Mom: Yes. Those are wonderful. So yeah, it’s a lot of combination of things. So thank you. Emily: Of course. Of course. Are you still on the fence about your spirit animal being a ladybug? Mom: Um, not really because it show sup for people. Emily: It does. Mom: The meaning of it is that it brings good luck and something about children. Do you have your spirit animal thing with you right now? Emily: Yeah, let me read it for you. Mom: Read me what ladybug says cause I think I need to own it. (laughs) Emily: Well, I end overtime I think about you, you show up, so. Okay if ladybug if you power a animal, this is the book I’m reading. If you’re new to me, this is by Steven Farmer. He did podcast with me a couple months ago. it’s amazing, but it’s all about spirit animals and power animals. You are family-oriented and traditional in values and morals. You have a very delicate, loving, and inoffensive quality to your being. You have a natural flow of abundance and never worry about where the next meal is coming from or anything else for that matter. You approach the world wit innocence and guilelessness (laughs) – I said that wrong, they put a hyphen in the worst place – as you have a variety of ways to protect yourself both physically and spiritually. Mom: Hmm. Yeah. I think so. You know me and all those things. I’m like, do I even have a personality. Am I this? Am I that? (laughs) Emily: Mom, you have the best personality. You’re so crazy, Mom: But I have heard that ladybug are symbolic of being good luck and good for children, so I kinda wanna own that cause you know. Emily: Cause you’re both. Mom: And like you said, when I show up in your life as a little ladybug, that just happens, you know, so. Okay, I’ll take I’m a ladybug. (laughs) Emily: Oh man, so many people are gonna appreciate this because I did, like an enneagram podcast and so many people were like, “I hate mine.” (laughs) I feel like I”m the worst, and I’m like guys, you guys are awesome. And it’s just so funny. I think it’s crazy because you bring so much value. You’ve impacted so many lives with your teaching and who you are. If you meet my mom, you’ll never forget it. So I just think you’re so ridiculous. Maybe the ladybug just isn’t powerful enough for it to truly embody you, but you’re definitely three-fourths part ladybug. Mom: Yes. Yeah, and you’re way generous in your praise, so thank you. Emily: I don’t think so. I wanted to end with my favorite memory of you. I don’t know if you know this. Mom: I don’t think I do. Emily: I don’t think I told you this. Well besides this incredible life-changing insane experience of Ayahuasca, there was when you first dropped me off for my very first MTV challenge. Mom: (giggles) Emily: Yeah, at the airport. And I was still living in Missouri. So I did the first challenge, Cutthroat, and then I went back to Missouri and then I moved to Colorado pretty soon after, so I think I was probably in Colorado when it was airing, and I just remember you dropped me off. And of course I’m terrified because I have to win. That’s all I cared about was like I have to just be the best, I’m so competitive and I’m so terrified. And I remember, we always do an I love you sign until we can’t see each other anymore and you just the whole way screamed, “You are my champion.” And everyone’s like oh my gosh, are you going to the Olympics? (laughs) I’m like, no. No I’m going to an undisclosed location in the middle of Europe, but I will do my best. (laughs) Mom: I remember when it happens and it just came from deep, deep within. Emily: It was the best, and I carried it all the way through. I did fairly decent I think. Mom: Oh, absolutely. Emily: Well thanks for doing this. I know you were not so prepared for it. I told you like an hour ago, but I really wanted to do this, and I knew if you thought about it too much it would just have an issue, so I just jumped on ya. Mom: Thank you. I love you so much and I did it because I trust you. Out of my comfort zone, but I trust you. (laughs) You’re so dang fun to talk to. Emily: I love you so much. Do you have- I know you listen to the end- Do you have anything else you want to say to my Meathead Hippie listeners? Mom: Oh my goodness. I’m so overwhelmed by the quality that you attract. I mean the people that are in your tribe, is that what you call it? Emily: Yeah. Mom: Man, they’re really quality good people. I mean I really touched that went I sent. I don’t know how I know that. Maybe I just pay attention to what they write. I don’t know, but the quality is really really amazing. Emily: I agree. Mom: Yeah, and gives me hope. Gives me hope for this world. (laughs) Thank you people out there because you’re good people. Okay, see you later. Emily: I know. I love it too. I feel it, very blessed especially all things considered of how- you know, it was 10 years ago, but still reality TV is not really known for depth, so to be able toMom: Yeah, but you are full of depth and so those are the people you attracted. Emily: Well I get my depth from my momma so. Thanks for being on Meathead Hippie. I can’t wait to share this cause I’ve wanted to do this forever, and I could not do a podcast for moms all month in October, which is your birthday month, and not talk to you so. I love you so much. Mom: I love you too.


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