Yes, This Cruise for CrossFit Fans is Real. Here’s What You Can Expect.


From: Men’s Health

Travel can easily disrupt your usual workout routine. But CrossFitters who don’t want to sacrifice box time for vacation time have a new solution: a fitness cruise.

Aptly named WOD on the Waves, the cruise travels from Florida to the Bahamas for five days of workouts taught by CrossFit athletes like Rich Froning as well as the opportunity to boast about your best CINDY time with other enthusiasts.

A health-themed cruise might seem to go against the very nature of cruises—what with their over-the-top buffets and booze-a-plenty. But the menu for WOD on the Waves includes meat, egg and dairy-free options for Paleo dieters and CrossFitters who adhere to the caveman way of eating. And because this is for the fitness obsessed, menus on the cruise will also display nutrition information so vacationers can still track their macros while on the high seas.

Don’t expect any limbo or bingo activities on this cruise. According to the lineup, attendees will take classes taught by Froning, work on barbell techniques with Paul Tremblay or belt out a song during the nightly karaoke parties. Sprinkled in are toga and 80s-themed dance celebrations. There’s also plenty of chances to partake in a favorite activity of Crossfitters after doing Crossfit: Talking about it. Expect nutrition seminars about intermittent fasting, keto or paleo with like-minded dieters.

crossfit cruise wod on the waves

Hanging with your favorite CrossFit athletes and other swolemates will cost you: rates start at $575 per person for a basic interior room shared amongst four people. A solo room in the ship’s most expensive suite tops $5,000.

It’s safe to say only the most ardent CrossFit enthusiast is likely to attend. However, less devoted CrossFitters (does that even exist?), may find the cost worthwhile if only for the potential to witness:

  • Rich Froning sing Don’t Stop Believin’ during karaoke
  • Multiple trips to the surf-‘n’-turf buffett by Ron Ortiz
  • Brooke Wells dressed as Madonna during the ’80s party

Tickets are still available, and WOD on the Waves CEO Chris Brauser told he expects between 3,000 to 4,000 travelers to attend.


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