Roman Khrennikov and Laura Horvath Win Dubai Fitness Championship Qualifier 18.3


From: BoxRox

Victory in the third qualifying workout has gone to the Russian Meridian Regionals Champion Roman Khrennikov and Hungarian second place CrossFit Games finisher Laura Horvath. The workout looked like this:

Dubai Fitness Championship Qualifier 18.3

This is a 20 min AMRAP ascending ladder

9 Cal row
9 Double KB snatch
15 Cal row
15 Double KB snatch
21 Cal row
21 Double KB snatch
27 Cal row
27 Double KB snatch
33 Cal Row
33 Double KB Snatch
39 Cal row
39 Double KB snatch
45 Cal row
45 Double KB snatch

Kettlebell weight: 2x24kg /2x16kg


Roman Khrennikov obliterated the competition at The Meridian Regionals earlier this year and took a convincing first place against a tough field of competition. Unfortunately, he was sadly missed at The CrossFit Games after he was unable to acquire a visa in order to travel to the USA and compete.


This young athlete stormed her way to a solid second place finish at the 2018 CrossFit Games. She excelled across the wide variety of different events and demonstrated an exception ability to remain calm and focused when the pressure was on.


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